If you’re like us, you’re busy. Too busy to spend as much time as you’d like reading industry journals, visiting industry websites or keeping up with the news. That’s why this month, we’ve sifted through our inboxes, visited websites, read blogs and more to share what we think are some pretty interesting articles.

How much Can Unattended Production Add?

MMSonline.com Blog: A shop running two 10-hour shifts has just about all of the day covered. That was the case with Aztalan Engineering. Using a horizontal machining center – with parts loaded on one pallet while they are being machined on the other pallet – offered a way to keep production going throughout all of the staffed hours. However, for a manifold part needed in relatively high volume, the shop went even farther than this. Read more>>

GearsProducing 19 Million Gears A Year

MMSOnline.com: The men and women at Ford Sharonville have turned the art of gear making into a science. They make them precisely. And they make plenty of them. Read more >>

Forecast Sees Growth Returning to Geared Products

American Machinist.com: After declining for two consecutive years, revenues for industrial geared products are forecast to grow 4.7% in 2014 to $13,218.2 million, according to a new research report prepared by IHS Read More >>

Finding the Grinding Sweet Spot

Cutting Tool Engineering: Dear Doc: I keep hearing the phrase “grinding sweet spot.” What is it and how do I find it?

The Doc Replies: The sweet spot is where the grits in a grinding wheel optimally penetrate the workpiece to form a chip – not too Read More >>

Prefer video? Check out The Grinding Doc’s YouTube Channel presentation on Keeping The Sweet Spot.

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