ANSI Compliant Grinding Wheel Speed Testing

Mach-B Grinding Wheel Shaping and Resizing speed tests hundreds of wheels every month. Speed testing ensures that your grinding wheel will safely operate at the speed you require.

Simply send the wheel you need to have speed tested to Mach-B along with the operating specifications and we’ll certify that it will operate safely. If it doesn’t pass the speed test, we’ll work with you to correct any problems. We can accommodate most wheels up to 36″ OD. Contact us with your specific wheel sizes.

Please note: Mach-B speed tests wheels to 1.5 times the stated maximum RPM.

Ring Testing

In addition to Speed Testing and Balance Testing your grinding wheels, Mach-B performs Ring Testing on every wheel that passes through our shop.

Ring testing is a manual test that is used to detect defects in bonded grinding wheels. A wheel that emits a ringing sound when lightly tapped with a tool is likely undamaged and ready to be used.

*Turnaround time varies by the season. Please allow at least 24 hours warm-up time when shipping wheels in the winter. Multiple wheel orders may take longer; call us at 1-800-533-8010 for turnaround times.