Improve Grinding Wheel Performance with Slotting by Mach-B

Cutting slots into one or both sides of a grinding wheel is a proven method for improving the wheel’s performance. The slots allow coolant to flow more freely across the surface to keep the abrasive cool and flush away swarf.

Slotting does NOT weaken the structural integrity of the grinding wheel and it won’t interfere with face dressing the wheel.

Mach-B Slotting Specs include:

  • Maximum of 60 slots per side. Fewer slots per side are possible, call 1-800-533-8010 for more information
  • Slots can vary in length, depth and width. Contact us with your specs to find out if your configuration will work.

Grinding Wheel Slotting

Slotting is a low cost solution to the problem of grinding wheel wear, particularly that of corner radius wear common in plunge grinding applications. Corner radius wear is caused by heat build-up at the intersection of the wheel sides and edge radius. Research has shown that wheels with slots manufactured or cut into them significantly increase coolant and air flow to the grinding zone. This results in superior grinding performance and longer wheel life. Specific benefits include: intermittent cutting at the corner and side face reducing friction and thermal effects; superior flushing of wear particles and chips reducing wheel glazing; and better surface integrity for the ground piece.

*Turnaround time varies by the season. Please allow at least 24 hours warm-up time when shipping wheels in the winter. Multiple wheel orders may take longer; call us at 1-800-533-8010 for turnaround times.

Check out this video from our parent company, Goodson Tools & Supplies.

Slotting FAQ

Slotting is an operation to cut grooves into the face of the wheel to allow better coolant flow. It facilitates getting the coolant directly to sides of the wheel which is necessary for side grinding, thrust grinding and radius grinding.