Mach-B is tooled to shape and size Vitrified bonded grinding wheels. We can speed test any kind of wheel, however. Please contact us by phone (800-533-8010) or email if you have any questions.

Yes, as a matter of fact we do. Because we’re a division of Goodson Shop Supplies, every grinding wheel on the shelves is available to you. We’ve included a listing on our Buy Grinding Wheels page. If you need something that isn’t listed, contact us. We have contacts throughout the grinding wheel industry and can source what you need.  Let Mach-B be your wheel source.

First, the how. Mach-B ships wheels by carriers such as UPS and FedEx. For larger orders, or if you request it, we ship by Common Carrier. This is also how you can send us your wheels for shaping and sizing.

As to where we’ll ship finished grinding wheels? According to our Customer Service Manager, Richard, “We will ship wherever you need your wheels to be shipped, with proper paperwork from the customer of course.”

Mach-B Grinding Wheel Shaping & Resizing is located in Winona, Minnesota. It’s a beautiful town of about 25,000 on the southeast coast of Minnesota. We’re located just off of Interstate 90 right on the Mississippi river. Not only is it a great place to live, Winona is proud to host lots of industries, including Fastenal, RTP, DCM Tech and Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders.

Having a grinding wheel shaped and sized by Mach-B saves you time and money. To have custom wheels manufactured can take up to 12 weeks. Odds are you can’t wait that long. When you start with a Type 1 straight wheel it can be sized and shaped into just about anything in a matter of day instead of weeks.

Emergencies don’t happen often, but when they do, we are ready to help.

A few years ago we had a customer ship their entire stock of 120 wheels to us for speed testing because a forklift ran into the storage rack. Rather than risk using cracked or damaged wheels, the customer shipped them to us, we tested them and returned them as fast as possible.  In fact, the wheels arrived on a Tuesday and they were back on the road by that Friday.

Slotting doesn’t remove any of the thickness of the wheel, it does remove some of the volume; which is determined by what the customer requests.

Wheels can be slotted on both sides or on just one side. When the wheel is slotted on both sides the slots are offset to allow better coolant flow and maintain the wheel’s integrity.

The length, depth and width of the slots are determined by customer needs as well as the wheel itself. Usually, the number of slots that are cut into a wheel are 15, 30 or 60 slots.

The basic equipment needed to balance grinding wheels includes a static balancing stand, an unbalanced wheel and a very knowledgeable operator. The actual balancing process is performed by dressing, putting heavy abrasive into the light areas to offset the imbalance in the wheel.

A wheel that is operated at a speed faster than the manufacturer has specified runs the risk of exploding. Once this happens, the wheel can’t be fixed; it must be replaced.

Wheels should never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended RPM.


A Ring Test will primarily identify a crack in the wheel, though it can also uncover density problems or soft spots in a wheel. Ring tests are performed on Vitrified Bonded wheels by lightly tapping the wheel face in at least two locations with a wooden or plastic hammer. The wheel should give off a “ring”. If there is a crack the sound will be a dull thump.