From routine grinding wheel shaping or sizing to emergency shaping or sizing projects, Mach-B can do that

Mach-B Grinding Wheel Shaping & Resizing has been serving the industrial grinding wheel market since 1968. Starting in Detroit, Michigan, the company commonly called Mach-B, moved to Winona, Minnesota in 2004 when it was purchased by longtime automotive aftermarket company Goodson Shop Supplies.

big_littleRoutine Grinding Wheel Shaping and Sizing

Cut costs by buying blank stock and having Mach-B size and shape it according to your exact specifications. All you do is tell us what you need and we’ll have it to you on time and on budget!

Emergency Grinding Wheel Shaping and Sizing

When an unexpected event happens such as a supplier’s shortfall or a shop accident that compromises your grinding wheels, you can turn to Mach-B to have a new wheel on your shop floor in just a couple of days.

NOTE: Mach-B is equipped to modify only Vitrified grinding wheels, but we speed test any wheel type.



MinnesotaMach-B is conveniently located just off I-90 in Winona, MN.

What can Mach-B do for you?

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